Question Your Eksistence

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Question your existence

Like the sunrises, humans live for a purpose. Like the sunsets, humans die for a purpose. All that are inevitability.

I once asked myself, what are we living in this world for? Is it only to go to school? work? aging? or just “live?” Maybe those are all questions that have ever crossed the minds of all people, without exception.

Maybe a lot of people ask, why do I live and they don’t? Why am I still alive until now, when they have died at such a young age? I’m not as good as them, so why did they die and I’m still alive? What really happened. Why?

Questions like that are proof that we really live. Cogito Ergo Sum (I think, therefore I am). We really live in this world when we think, when we want to know many things. The existence of humans in this world is not just hitching through, not just waiting for “when will I die?”.

I exist because I will become something. It does look like mere speculation, but what is the point of existence without essence?

I believe in fate. I believe that God has appointed me to be something in this world. I believe that God allowed me to step on this world for a reason. Endless questions will cross the mind about why we live in this world.

One thing that I hold as a principle in life. Coexist with the cosmos. I will not trifle away my existence in this world. I have to make my existence have meaningful essences. Because after all, I am a human being, I am able to think, so I live.

Jakarta, February 2, 2020